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Meet the puccpires!

I know it's been a long time and i'm so sorry, i've been very busy and i promise i'm going to make the things you request as soon as possible but know i want to ask you for your support in a good cause.

Maybe you don't know, but there was a huge earthquake this last saturday in my country (Chile). I'm okay but i was just lucky.

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22nd-Dec-2008 12:47 am - Puccpires at Facebook!
[rpattz & me] lookin' at each other
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10th-Dec-2008 04:24 am - WE'LL BE BACK SOON!

yes, bella is totally going to get him. puccpire movie is rated NC-17

Sorry guys, we've been sooo busy lately but we're working on more movie-puccz and some BD puccz as well. Keep tuned ;)

17th-Jul-2008 09:37 pm - Icons
[pucca] pucca - sonrisota
I made some icons with new (old for us of course LOL) pictures of puccpires:

♥ [15] Puccpires (new/old puccpires)


HERE @ inmortalidad
2nd-Jul-2008 02:57 am - 50x50 animated icons
[pucca] pucca - sonrisota
~runswithVAMPIRES at DA requested 50x50 icons so I made some:

Comment about these over here
25th-Jun-2008 12:24 pm(no subject)
[01-19] Twilight Cast
[20-62] Puccpires
[63-75] Atonement
[76-87] Gaspard Ulliel


(HERE @ adair7)
23rd-Jun-2008 07:44 pm - Puccpire icons by Sarahdoesdesign...
So i was flicking through my friends page yesterday when i saw a puccpire post!!
I squeeeeed so loud :D
I love these little dudes, they're so so so cute.
They are made by drunk_machine and inmortal makes some icons out of them, and well i couldn't help but want to make some icons...so i asked for permission.... and they said yes!!! *double squee*

So i'm going to post them here and at puccpires.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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23rd-Dec-2022 12:44 am - HELLO EVERYONE / HOLA A TOD@S
First of all, thanks for the comments and love! we and the puccpires love you too guys! :D
Secondly, we were wondering that everyone must share the puccpire love! So, if you made any artworks (icons, t-shirts, etc...) with our fanarts, then you must post them here at puccpires. We'll be happy to see what people have done with our work. But please ask for permission first, you just need to leave a comment right to THIS entry. We need to know who's using our work.

Thanks again :D


Primero que nada ¡gracias por todos los comentarios y el cariño a los puccz! nosotras y ellos las amamos también :D
Segundo, estabamos pensando que todos deberiamos compartir el amor puccpiro, así que si usan los fanarts para lo que sea (iconos, playeras, etc...), deben postearlos aquí en la comunidad puccpires. Estaremos muy contentas de ver lo que la gente hace con nuestro trabajo. Pero por favor pregunta por permiso primero, sólo debes dejar un comentario en esta entrada. Necesitamos saber quién esta usando los puccpires.

Gracias otra vez :D
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